About the Project Room

Our Project Room is a versatile space

Within the studio, our Project Room functions as a creative teaching space, collaborative work space, meeting place and open studio.  It can shift between individual pods, or open as a larger work space for sharing and facilitation.  

The room is clean and bright, but not precious. It's an art studio

It's okay to get your hands dirty, but you are responsible to clean up before you go.  This 600 sq ft room has 6 windows that allow you to look into other areas of the studio and be connected with what's going on in Wonder'neath. Two large windows let in natural light, fresh air, and let you control the temperature in the room.

The layout changes depending on how the space is being used

All furniture can be moved around.  We provide access to a variety of chairs, tables, benches and a great couch.  A coat rack just outside the room leaves additional space for your creative endeavours.  Dividers are available to redefine the room and give additional privacy. 

Safety is important to us

An air purifier is on site, and ventilation for our studio artists, but we do not allow any toxic materials in our Project Room.

Fire extinguishers are evenly spaced throughout the studio, and there are two exists should you need to leave the space during an emergency.

First Aid Kits and Emergency Eye Wash Stations are located on site.

There's Fibre-Op High Speed Internet and a phone line so you can be online and stay connected.

Remember to tell us if you wish to book the studio exclusively. When the 'Occupied' sign goes up, you will have the privacy you need, as the other artists can use the Secret Ninja Route to their studios and storage space.