Welcome: Bria Miller, Artist in Residence

With special thanks to Visual Arts Nova Scotia and the Cultural and Youth Activities Program through The Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, we are so very excited to welcome artist Bria Miller to Wonder'neath!


A quiet moment for Bria in the afternoon sun. We can't wait to see this studio space a month from now!


Ceramic artist, Therese Bombardier, working late on Friday evening! It's handle night in the studio.   


Therese's favourite part about working with clay is: "it's squishiness!"  


Its magic is really her favourite thing.  

There's also some sewing... 

There's also some sewing... 


Cutting, drilling, and assembling are also happening this evening as Melissa, Heather and Jessica prepare for the Black Street Party in North End Halifax.  


Get ready for our interactive kiosks made out of reclaimed materials and innovative ideas. This one is to exchange mail during the party - honouring one of our very favourite projects ever: City Mail by artist Allison Creba. ❤️📫💌